Monthly Archive: July, 2014


Love a million crowded thoughts But useless each to day recall One instant spent from memory Of even one of leaves that fell In wind the love of love the spell Weaved have… Continue reading

In All I Am

My useless love roams over you From another life again In nights sleepless, moonscarred, Scrawled by the blood of pens then I have seen the dawns come crowded In mountain mists and city… Continue reading


If my name you might recall Take this into dreams with you Lightweight made, small but true Nothing to intrude on you From the distances of days Lifetimes shed and ones to make… Continue reading

If A Beauty Comes

If a beauty comes with claim of me Tangle it in silver threads I will Of lights of moons that rose and fell The soft of every petal touched Strands of silken Summer… Continue reading

In Buddha’s Pure Land

In Buddha’s Pure Land All the lovers will return Virgins again unscarred by Flames the tears and kisses The children lost too Will return on sweet breath Only morning can grow From bones… Continue reading

The Nights

The nights Longer and longer Spark from the gallop of day Too soon come Underfoot the endless trail I take to dawning Bells ring for eventide Match flares in the dark Bring the… Continue reading

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