Poems Unrequited is a compilation of love poems written by my father, a brilliant but tortured man whose wife’s schizophrenia drove him into the darkest depths of heroin addiction. In turn, his drug abuse would prompt my mother to intentionally stop taking her anti-psychotic medication, thus sparking a never-ending cycle of pain, betrayal and vengeance.

I try to pair each poem with imagery that gives me the same feeling as the poem. I may at times include my own commentary with my personal interpretation of the poems, or to provide reference for the subject matter. I began posting this series on the one year anniversary of my dad’s death and hope to continue to honor his work. Beyond Poems Unrequited are several hundred additional poems on various subjects. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.

Below is his author’s note:

The poems in this collection
have been culled from an ongoing
larger collection of the same name.

Poems Unrequited are poems
of love dedicated to the ones
beloved that have filled my life.

No other theme is as interesting to me. Om Shanti.
All you need is love.

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Des and Echan

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