Her Smile

Her Smile poem by Desmond. Poems Unrequited blog.

Sudden thoughts of her smile
Far off over the blue valleys
Under the diamond bark of the Winter trees
In the freshening, the dream of Spring
Stirring in the cosmos of the roots
The yen for living sings
Her voice of smiling this is winged
Now in the evening sails to me
Bright and plenty for my hands to hold
Her distant smile my trove of gold


Written February 21, 1996

I remember my dad spending a lot of (if not the majority of) is time reminiscing/grieving over leaving his home in West Virginia. At length he would share his remorse over the loss of the green, flowing hillsides and the crisp Winter cold, which he exchanged for the barren desert of Phoenix, Arizona in order for my mother to get better healthcare for her mental condition. I do think that he romanticized moments like this one– a frequent theme in this series. He claims that as a couple, my parents were truly happy living in West Virginia. Somehow I have my doubts.

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