Thinking of You

Thinking of You poem by Desmond. Poems Unrequited blog.

Thinking of you on a timeless day
A rarity of desert grey
Time suspended in my hands
A web I weave where you might land
Fresh of snow from your cold world
To preen within my touches’ whorl
I imagine soft and fine
Like you are, a dream of mine
I dream now as dusk is near
A flower to adorn your ear
Bright and warm against your flesh
A bloom of words my fingers press
Into the braid my love has made
By my distant skill long used
To loving you in solitude,
So hush now speaks my brimming heart
As petals close at scent of dark
Timeless thoughts to you return
Tinged in the evening like the birds
Lit in gentle sundown skies
As from you away I turn
My twilight gleaming eyes

January 25, 1997

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