Monthly Archive: January, 2013

The Children

Bless the children My fruits of life The darling ones Made in my image And of her love They are the treasures Held palm to palm The delight I take From bounty spread… Continue reading

Now, Love

To the empty bed go now, love, To the shadow left Where the crushed scent fled The broken stalks were strewn The torn deaf petals flew Hearing not the singing from the moon,… Continue reading

The Last Page

Let the last page float off Into the dark fingers the moon kisses To gleam like a jewel may it be Polished by the breath I gave Back to the world from sky… Continue reading


“The harp of the sad night Plays now in the eventide Here my meal of day is done Finished now my fruits of sun The walk alone in fields of moon Begun I… Continue reading

In the Light

In the light of the sun I raise up my shadow from the grass To float the world will I Build my wings of glass Blown from the sand where lovers walk Filled… Continue reading

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