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Siesta of the day I take into my arms Blue clouds and white wind Swaying on the hammock in the breeze Shaded by the boughs of hashish trees My pipe is puffed in… Continue reading

All that Is

All beaten broken ruined The golden bands pawned The beds miles apart Under the same roof two Wary sniffing danger The mated animals eye The smoking debris Left of the wedded life A… Continue reading

Her Smile

Sudden thoughts of her smile Far off over the blue valleys Under the diamond bark of the Winter trees In the freshening, the dream of Spring Stirring in the cosmos of the roots… Continue reading


It just went blank Shuddered to a stop Keeled over A grinding halt Dead-in-the-water Finis Kaput The end Of that love Till death Do us Part January 24, 1996 (desmond) About Desmond and Poems… Continue reading

Every Hour

Every hour consumed Each joy devoured All hope destroyed Every single living Part of loves’ bones Broken, beaten, burned In the fist and flame Of the madness she weds The happy bride is… Continue reading


Fare thee well now One midnight horn calls So I shall travel after Following the smoke on the tracks Down dark’s ribcage Into the starglow Remember me when the mist burns When heat… Continue reading

Warbling Birds

Warbling birds In the trees near the Mosque Under a grey dawn sky Beholding rise of day For a gentle phrase to say I look into the songs of the birds But there,… Continue reading

A Grey Day and Joni Mitchell

A grey day and Joni Mitchell morning Ladies of the Canyon And you always come to mind With your tresses in the wind And your hash pipes puffing How long ago it all… Continue reading

The Valentine

The Valentine silent and unseen The one long-lived with me I take it now out of its gilded box Built by time with tears for locks Handmade with skill and polished by heart… Continue reading

I Wrote a Poem

I wrote a poem And then I don’t believe I cried O this is not a good way To begin a cloudy day I will look for distraction Some hard labor to do… Continue reading


All useless Puffs of dust thrown From a flick of the hand The straying of wild wind A crush of smothering flowers Every effort Drowned at the start A matchtip flare in the… Continue reading


Let’s go drink some cloud wine Stirred by sunset, ripe by time Take this eager hand of mine And we’ll get high on juice of life Elixers made of dark and shine Lets… Continue reading

The Children

Bless the children My fruits of life The darling ones Made in my image And of her love They are the treasures Held palm to palm The delight I take From bounty spread… Continue reading

The Last Page

Let the last page float off Into the dark fingers the moon kisses To gleam like a jewel may it be Polished by the breath I gave Back to the world from sky… Continue reading


“The harp of the sad night Plays now in the eventide Here my meal of day is done Finished now my fruits of sun The walk alone in fields of moon Begun I… Continue reading

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