Midnight Rain

Midnight Rain poem by Desmond. Poems Unrequited blog.

Sweet fresh morning rain
May it drip down my desert face
Onto your cheek and your lips
Where you sleep in the green
Left long ago at my back
Far off over the mountains

Clear, warm, soft rain
May it too fall
From the dark holding your hair
Pressed to the pillow
I will never share
With you in a moistures’ dream

May the purling I hear
Tonight be yours too near
As if the creek that is my heart
Hold your feet asleep
As if you were mine to keep

Like the rain
Falling calm and close, splashing
I too would so speak
In a voice to make you lush
Would I stay to rain each day

But the passing wind
Will not have it so
And like this shower
Trickling down in midnight slow
This drop of poem
Your ear my love to brush
Is all you’ll know

September 6, 1995

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