Maybe poem by Desmond. Poems Unrequited blog. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Maybe in the dawn
I’ll be alive again
With some peace song in my head
A smile in a rose cloud floating over
Some hope on the moon’s sinking edge
Instead of this goddamed
Goddamned dread

Written January 29, 1996

Picking up Poems Unrequited again… it’s been quite a while since I’ve had time to publish. I launched an Instagram account @PoemsUnrequited. This series from January 1996 indicates to me one of the times during which my dad would witness my mother slowly, steadily, exhibiting behaviors that indicated that she was off her medication and heading toward breakdown. And yet, there is no action he could take until she posed a threat to herself or others. It’s an understandable policy of the medical and legal field to do so, soas not to infringe one someone’s basic human rights, but it’s a scary situation to be in for the loved one of the mentally ill.

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