Category Archive: Depression and Sadness

Her Shirt

I wear her shirt to bed All that I have of her All that is left of me Of a great cloth of love, A worn patch next to my skin Pressed to… Continue reading

The Sixteenth Hour

The sixteen hour single parent workday Coming to a tired end with two down and One son left to go to dreamland I will tuck him in on his bed in my saddhana… Continue reading


Dreaming of her all night But in the morning she is gone Over the border into the mad world Now in the mental ward with the dark flowers Blooming in her hair While… Continue reading

She Has Gone Back

She has gone back to the mental ward To have Thorozene shoved down her throat And I sit in the debris of dusk Up to my neck in unshed tears This an old… Continue reading

Friday Dusk

Friday dusk and the wind is cutting loose With a thirsting for earthy wine it goes Twirling the neon dust of avenues Coiling the underbrush of starbirth It is going to burst In… Continue reading

All that Is

All beaten broken ruined The golden bands pawned The beds miles apart Under the same roof two Wary sniffing danger The mated animals eye The smoking debris Left of the wedded life A… Continue reading

In the Fresh

In the fresh afternoon I wish it could all begin rather than this straggle To the wounded end I’d go back To the start of the kisses To the first firelight And I’d… Continue reading

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