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Siesta of the day I take into my arms Blue clouds and white wind Swaying on the hammock in the breeze Shaded by the boughs of hashish trees My pipe is puffed in… Continue reading


Soft across the night sent From the wind rising Rain to veil the moonlight Gently from the garden It goes now scented by Desert loam the sparkling Rock world Etched of midnight waters… Continue reading

The Dream in the Yawn

I peel back reality The lone bed in the cold room And while I yawn now While the ink of the night dries It is to your arms I go To the pillow… Continue reading

Playing My Tinwhistle

Playing my tinwhistle in the sun Morning came and now has gone While I piped a tune for you Blew it out across the blue In the winds that swiftly fly Across the… Continue reading

The Bells

The bells will ring for us As dusk falls in the moonrise As the perfumes of the night And the blue clouds waft Tolling will follow us After our long shadows go Filling… Continue reading

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