About Design & Mania

Design & Mania is a compilation of the things that inspire my design and writing, and you’ll also find some of my personal accounts of L.A. adventuring. OK, so truth be told, I’ve been the most fantastic Blog-writing failure! This might be my fourth or fifth attempt… although, this one just might stick. I explain this Blog largely in my first post found here. Thanks for perusing.

Some tidbits about me… I’m a Los Angeles-based writer, graphic/web designer and blogger. Into bikram yoga, astrology and design. Wanne be health nut, activist and philanthropist. Believes in karma.

About Poems Unrequited

Poems Unrequited is a somewhat experimental series I am publishing. They are a compilation of poems written by my late father, William Desmond O’Brien. The relationship I had with my father was complicated and strained due mainly in part to his lifelong battle with addiction and depression. Nonetheless, I had a huge amount of respect for the man who shaped my values and instilled in me a great passion for writing. The series currently being posted were compiled in 1998.

Below is his author’s note:

The poems in this collection
have been culled from an ongoing
larger collection of the same name.

Poems Unrequited are poems
of love dedicated to the ones
beloved that have filled my life.

No other theme is as interesting to me. Om Shanti.
All you need is love.

The poems that I am currently posting on Design & Mania are from the larger collection rather than my father’s personal favorites– so far. I try to pair each poem with imagery that gives me the same feeling as the poem. I may at times include my own commentary with my personal interpretation of the poems, or to provide reference for the subject matter. I am not posting in chronological order in an attempt to break up the dismal pieces with those with a more uplifting feeling. Most poems were typed on either typewriter or electronic typewriter so I retype each poem as-is with no grammatical changes.

I began posting this series on the one year anniversary of my dad’s death and hope to continue to honor his work. Beyond Poems Unrequited are several hundred additional poems on various subjects. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.